Think Through Math!

Dear Parent or Guardian,


Your student has been enrolled in Imagine Math, an online math tutoring program that adapts to your

student’s level of math fluency and provides live, state-credentialed teacher support when students need

assistance. Imagine Math is proven to increase math proficiency when students use it for at least 90 minutes each week.


Imagine Math Live Teacher Support

Live teacher support within Imagine Math provides direct, targeted instruction when students need

assistance. Our certified teachers provide support to students by tailoring their instruction to the student’s

level of math fluency. Students can receive live teacher support though text chat, verbal instruction, or

virtual whiteboard sessions. Students also have access to Spanish-speaking teachers as needed.


Using Imagine Math at Home

Because Imagine Math is an online program, your student can access it from any computer with Internet

access—whether at school, home, or the library. Students can log in to Imagine Math at

Students can access Imagine Math from home on computers or tablets, including PCs, Macs, iPads,

Chromebooks, Android tablets, and Windows tablets (no smartphones). For the best experience in

Imagine Math, students should use headphones or speakers to hear voice prompts or use live teacher

support. For a complete list of system requirements, visit

Note: Only students officially enrolled in Imagine Math should log in to their Imagine Math account from home.


Recommendations for Parents

Your student’s success in Imagine Math can be heavily influenced by consistent parental involvement. These recommendations will help you and your student get the most of out of Imagine Math:

  • Encourage your student’s participation in Imagine Math. The more your student engages with Imagine

Math, the more their math fluency will increase.

  • Encourage your student to be thoughtful as they work through math problems. Imagine Math provides constant support and immediate feedback on student performance, especially in those subject areas where students tend to struggle.
  • Create an Imagine Math parent portal account. Review your student’s Imagine Math dashboard and

discuss the lessons they’ve completed or passed, the points they’ve earned, or any motivational

challenges they are working towards.


Student Site Code (if necessary): 4842960


Username : tomball(lunchnumber)  ex. tomball123456

Password: TISD(lunchnumber)  ex. TISD123456    Make sure TISD is all caps.