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Hello and welcome to 2nd Grade! I am beyond excited to get to work with the fabulous Wildwood community. This is my 4th year teaching and I love every minute of it! 
I graduated from Sam Houston State University in May of 2014 with my degree in Elementary Education (Early Childhood-6th Grade). At that time I also received my ESL certification. In May of 2018 I will once again graduate from Sam Houston State University with a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction.
When I am not in the classroom, I enjoy traveling with my husband, Randy. Exploring new places and eating yummy food are a few of my favorite things to do!  

Recent Posts

Let me start by saying a HUGE thank you for showering me with love this week. I truly appreciate everyone taking the time to make me feel special. 
I cannot believe it is already May. This is a very busy time of year! Here is a look into next week: 
MONDAY & TUESDAY: STAAR testing for 3rd & 4th grade students. Due to the upper grades testing, the school will not be allowing lunch visitors for any students these two days. 
Next week will be the LAST week of spelling words.
Also, please send all library books back Monday so we can get them turned in. I will continue to let students borrow books from our classroom library for books to read. 
This is all I have for now. I will continue to touch base with info as the year begins to wrap up. Again, thank you for making this week so special! Thank you for being such a wonderful group of parents to work with. I have enjoyed this year so much. Have a wonderful weekend. 

Week of April 30th

Wow! It is hard to believe that next week will be May. It has been a wonderful week wrapping up our research projects, having fun at Math Night and of course, enjoying the book fair! Here what is going on next week:
Math: First part of Money Test on Wednesday. We will be breaking the test into two parts (counting coins and financial literacy). Students will only complete the questions on counting the coins next Wednesday. We will then spend the rest of the week talking about money in regards to spending, saving, deposits and other financial literacy terms. Students will then take that portion of the test the following week. 
Reading & Writing: We will spend time reviewing different skills we have learned this year to prepare for 3rd grade! Wow... that feels weird to think about already! Spelling will be over Lesson 6 words. 
Science: Begin life cycle unit. 
Social Studies: Begin land form unit. We will be completing a project during this unit. Information on this will come home in blue folders early next week. 

Week of April 23rd

Spring Book Fair is here! 
Next week students will be able to bring money and shop at the spring book fair during school. The book fair will be open from 8:10-4:30 Monday- Friday, and also from 5:30-7:00 on Tuesday. 
Other updates: 
Math: We will continue learning about money. If students have not brought their bag of coins yet they can still bring them for next week. 
Reading, Writing & Science: Finishing our research projects. These are looking great so far! Spelling words are over lesson 5. 
Social Studies: Finishing our unit on Maps. 
If anyone still needs to turn in picture money or pictures that are not being purchased please send those back next week so I can get them turned in.
I think that is it for now. Have a great weekend everyone! 

Week of April 16th

Hi everyone & happy Friday! Check out what's going on next week:
Math- We will review fractions and take our unit test on Wednesday. On Thursday we will begin our unit on money. We are asking that students bring in a small Ziploc baggie of coins. A mixture of about 20 coins would be great - including quarters, dimes, nickles and pennies. Students will keep their baggies in their math folder to use as real life examples of coins during the unit and will bring the coins back home when we finish. 
Reading & Writing & Science- We are working hard on our research project! Students haven chosen an animal and have been researching and reading about their animal's habitat, food and what they look like. Along with interesting facts about their animals. We will use writing time to organize our research and science time to build a stuffed model. I'm so excited to see how these turn out. I'll share pictures when we are finished. 
Social Studies- Continuing to review and make maps. 
**Spirit Night next Thursday at Bahama Bucks!
Have a wonderful weekend wildcats! 

Week of April 9th

Upcoming dates: 

4/10 STAAR Writing- No Visitors during lunch for all grade levels 

4/19 Spirit Night – Bahama Bucks

4/23-4/27 Book Fair

4/24 Math Night


For next week:

Reading & Writing: Working on our animal research project. Spelling test will be over lesson 3 words. 

Math: Fractions- halves, fourths and eights 

Science: animal environments/ connect to our animal research 

Social Studies- reviewing maps 



Week of April 2nd

Here is a sneak peek into next week: 

Math: Students will take their Geometry test on Tuesday. I will not collect the test review (math homework from this week) until the day of the test. On Wednesday we will start our unit on fractions; one of my favorites! 

Reading & Writing: We will begin our research unit in reading & continue working on our small moment narrative in writing. 

Science: Plant & Animal needs & environments 

I think that is all for now. Enjoy the 3 day weekend everyone & Happy Easter! 


Hi everyone! It has been a wonderful week back from Spring Break. Our field trip this week was awesome and we had some perfect weather for it! Next week will be a busy one, as we have many fun events happening: 
Tuesday: Spring Picture Day - Students will take individual photos and we will take our class photo. Order forms for pictures came home in Wednesday folders this week. 
Wednesday: Wacky Fun Run Pep Rally! 5:30-7:00pm here at Wildwood Elementary. We will be getting pepped up and ready for the fun run with some awesome games and other activities! 
Thursday: Wacky Fun Run during specials. Students can come to school dressed as WACKY as possible! I can't wait to see what they come up with! 
Friday: No School 
Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a wonderful weekend!

Last week before Spring Break

Wow! Only one more week left in the 3rd nine weeks. I cannot believe how fast this year is flying by. I am so excited for all the fun events coming up; starting with Field Day on THURSDAY! 
Field Day Info: Our field day will be Thursday, March 8th, from 12:40-3:20. Parents are welcome to come! If you have preregistered (sent back the orange form that came in Wednesday folders) then you will enter field day through gate leading to the playground area. Students are encouraged to wear tennis shoes, comfortable clothes and sunscreen. Students may bring additional sunscreen if needed. Also, please send students with a water bottle labeled with their name. If you plan on taking students home afterwards then you will need to sign them out with me and get an exit ticket. 
Thursday morning before field day we will be having some fun in the morning too! Students may bring in board games from home to play with their friends. (Students may bring in on Wednesday to lighten their load for Thursday.) 
Other important dates for next week:
Math test over measurement and time will be on Tuesday. 
Spelling test over lesson 8 words will be on Friday. 
Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great weekend Wildcats!

Week of Feb. 26th

Hi everyone! Here's a look at next week:
Reading & Writing: Wrapping up digging deeper into comprehension and persuasive writing. 
Math: Continuing to work on telling time, area and measurement. Our test over this will be coming up on March 6th. I'm noticing that when telling time students are pretty good at getting the hour correct but still getting mixed up on the minutes. We will continue to work on this skill in class. 
**New Fact check system***
In second grade we have decided to change how we give the fact checks on Friday's. Our goal is for students to learn the facts and not stress them out by the time they have to complete it. Students will take the fact check on MONDAY using the normal two minute time frame. Students that finish and make a 100 are done for the week. Students that do not finish or make a 100 will take the test home and it is theirs to review and practice for the week. Come Friday the students that did not make a 100 on Monday will take the exact same check. They will start using a pencil and after the two minute time frame I will stop them. They will then use a pen to complete the remainder of the test. When grading, students will be graded ONLY on accuracy. The point of them using the pen for the remainder of the test is so the teacher can still get data on how many facts students are able to complete during the time frame but this will NOT influence their grade. 
If you have any questions on this please feel free to contact me! 
Science: Reviewing stars, moon and the sun and testing on Thursday
Social Studies: Continuing our Biography unit. Students will be working with a partner of their choice to research an important person. 
Friday is Dr. Seuss Day! To celebrate his birthday students can wear any Dr. Seuss shirts/clothing they might have and we will enjoy Dr. Seuss activities and books all day long! 

Week of Feb. 19th

Hi everyone! Here's a run down for next week. 
- No school Monday. 
Reading & Writing: Still working on the same units: Deeper comprehension & persuasive writing. Spelling test will be over lesson 6 words. 
Math: Reviewing time & starting measurement. 
I want to send out the Fast Math link for students to practice at home:
username: tisd(id number)
password: tomball(8 digit birthdate_month,day,year) 
Science & Social Studies: Continuing the same units. 
Thank you for the sweet Valentine's gifts and cards. :) 
I hope everyone has a nice weekend. 

Week of Feb. 12th

Career day was a success! We had so much today having the guests share their jobs with us. 
Next week:
Valentine's Party Wednesday - 2:40-3:25 - Parents welcome!
The students will decorate a bag in class that morning to collect their cards in. I will provide the bags. :) 
No school Friday
Reading & Writing: In reading we are talking about books in a series along with digger deeper in comprehension. A big focus right now is making sure students are understanding and able to think deeper about what they are reading. Help with this at home by asking students questions about the books they are reading. In writing we are working on persuasive writing. Spelling test will be lesson 5 on Thursday.  
Math: Telling time! Students need to know the difference between the minute hand & hour hand. They will need to understand how to read a clock to the minute. We introduce this on Monday but feel free to start these discussions at home! 
Science: Moon phases! 
Social Studies: Continuing our biography unit/ Tomball reads one book with The One and Only Ivan
Have a wonderful weekend wildcats! 

Week of Feb. 5th

Next week happenings:
Reading & Writing: Starting to talk about book series and digging deeper into comprehension of what students are reading. In writing we will begin persuasive writing. Students will explore how to persuade an audience through their writing. Spelling test will be over lesson 4 words. 
Math: Will will wrap up adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers and test on Thursday. Our next unit we will start is telling time so a great idea to get ahead would be to start talking about clocks with the students. 
Science: Exploring objects in the sky! We will begin learning about the moon, sun and planets. 
Social Studies: We will continue our biography unit, along with continuing our district reads one book event, The One and Only Ivan. 
Upcoming Events
2/8  Spirit Night: Spring Creek BBQ
2/9  Career Day – Dress Up and Guest Speakers
2/14 Valentine’s Day Party 
2/16 Student Holiday
2/19 Student Holiday
2/23 Go Texan Day – Dress Up in Cowboy duds!
3/1  4th Grade Showcase
3/2  Dr. Seuss’ Birthday – Dress Seuss-y!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Week of Jan. 29th

The weekend is here! Here are some updates for next week:
Reading & Writing: We will continue poetry throughout the week and wrap it up on Friday with our test. We have been exploring different types of poems and it has been fun seeing the students really get into creating their own. We have talked about identifying rhyming words in poems, visualizing what the poem is about and identifying the moods of different poems. Spelling test will be over lesson 3 words. 
Math: We will continue with our adding and subtracting of 3 digit numbers. 
Science: We will continue learning about different types of weather and take our test on Friday
Social Studies: We will start our biography unit and start learning about some exciting people! 
We will go to library on Thursday next week so please make sure students have their books. Also, if you have not returned the signed report card envelope yet please send that back on Monday. 
Thanks for another wonderful week everyone & have a great weekend!