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Hello and welcome to 2nd Grade! I am beyond excited to get to work with the fabulous Wildwood community. This is my 4th year teaching and I love every minute of it! 
I graduated from Sam Houston State University in May of 2014 with my degree in Elementary Education (Early Childhood-6th Grade). At that time I also received my ESL certification. In May of 2018 I will once again graduate from Sam Houston State University with a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction.
When I am not in the classroom, I enjoy traveling with my husband, Randy. Exploring new places and eating yummy food are a few of my favorite things to do!  

Recent Posts

Week of Feb. 26th

Hi everyone! Here's a look at next week:
Reading & Writing: Wrapping up digging deeper into comprehension and persuasive writing. 
Math: Continuing to work on telling time, area and measurement. Our test over this will be coming up on March 6th. I'm noticing that when telling time students are pretty good at getting the hour correct but still getting mixed up on the minutes. We will continue to work on this skill in class. 
**New Fact check system***
In second grade we have decided to change how we give the fact checks on Friday's. Our goal is for students to learn the facts and not stress them out by the time they have to complete it. Students will take the fact check on MONDAY using the normal two minute time frame. Students that finish and make a 100 are done for the week. Students that do not finish or make a 100 will take the test home and it is theirs to review and practice for the week. Come Friday the students that did not make a 100 on Monday will take the exact same check. They will start using a pencil and after the two minute time frame I will stop them. They will then use a pen to complete the remainder of the test. When grading, students will be graded ONLY on accuracy. The point of them using the pen for the remainder of the test is so the teacher can still get data on how many facts students are able to complete during the time frame but this will NOT influence their grade. 
If you have any questions on this please feel free to contact me! 
Science: Reviewing stars, moon and the sun and testing on Thursday
Social Studies: Continuing our Biography unit. Students will be working with a partner of their choice to research an important person. 
Friday is Dr. Seuss Day! To celebrate his birthday students can wear any Dr. Seuss shirts/clothing they might have and we will enjoy Dr. Seuss activities and books all day long! 

Week of Feb. 19th

Hi everyone! Here's a run down for next week. 
- No school Monday. 
Reading & Writing: Still working on the same units: Deeper comprehension & persuasive writing. Spelling test will be over lesson 6 words. 
Math: Reviewing time & starting measurement. 
I want to send out the Fast Math link for students to practice at home:
username: tisd(id number)
password: tomball(8 digit birthdate_month,day,year) 
Science & Social Studies: Continuing the same units. 
Thank you for the sweet Valentine's gifts and cards. :) 
I hope everyone has a nice weekend. 

Week of Feb. 12th

Career day was a success! We had so much today having the guests share their jobs with us. 
Next week:
Valentine's Party Wednesday - 2:40-3:25 - Parents welcome!
The students will decorate a bag in class that morning to collect their cards in. I will provide the bags. :) 
No school Friday
Reading & Writing: In reading we are talking about books in a series along with digger deeper in comprehension. A big focus right now is making sure students are understanding and able to think deeper about what they are reading. Help with this at home by asking students questions about the books they are reading. In writing we are working on persuasive writing. Spelling test will be lesson 5 on Thursday.  
Math: Telling time! Students need to know the difference between the minute hand & hour hand. They will need to understand how to read a clock to the minute. We introduce this on Monday but feel free to start these discussions at home! 
Science: Moon phases! 
Social Studies: Continuing our biography unit/ Tomball reads one book with The One and Only Ivan
Have a wonderful weekend wildcats! 

Week of Feb. 5th

Next week happenings:
Reading & Writing: Starting to talk about book series and digging deeper into comprehension of what students are reading. In writing we will begin persuasive writing. Students will explore how to persuade an audience through their writing. Spelling test will be over lesson 4 words. 
Math: Will will wrap up adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers and test on Thursday. Our next unit we will start is telling time so a great idea to get ahead would be to start talking about clocks with the students. 
Science: Exploring objects in the sky! We will begin learning about the moon, sun and planets. 
Social Studies: We will continue our biography unit, along with continuing our district reads one book event, The One and Only Ivan. 
Upcoming Events
2/8  Spirit Night: Spring Creek BBQ
2/9  Career Day – Dress Up and Guest Speakers
2/14 Valentine’s Day Party 
2/16 Student Holiday
2/19 Student Holiday
2/23 Go Texan Day – Dress Up in Cowboy duds!
3/1  4th Grade Showcase
3/2  Dr. Seuss’ Birthday – Dress Seuss-y!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Week of Jan. 29th

The weekend is here! Here are some updates for next week:
Reading & Writing: We will continue poetry throughout the week and wrap it up on Friday with our test. We have been exploring different types of poems and it has been fun seeing the students really get into creating their own. We have talked about identifying rhyming words in poems, visualizing what the poem is about and identifying the moods of different poems. Spelling test will be over lesson 3 words. 
Math: We will continue with our adding and subtracting of 3 digit numbers. 
Science: We will continue learning about different types of weather and take our test on Friday
Social Studies: We will start our biography unit and start learning about some exciting people! 
We will go to library on Thursday next week so please make sure students have their books. Also, if you have not returned the signed report card envelope yet please send that back on Monday. 
Thanks for another wonderful week everyone & have a great weekend! 

Week of Jan. 22nd

What a short week! I'm ready to finally have a full week back next week. Here's a heads up on what will be going on:
Reading & Writing: We are learning about poetry and the different characteristics, such as rhyming, rhythm and repetition of words. We are also talking about how different poems have different moods/feelings to them. In writing students are being poets themselves as they write different poems about themselves, daily objects or anything else they would like! Spelling test will be Friday over lesson 2
Math: We have started addition and subtraction with 3 digit numbers. Please continue working on adding and subtracting at home. 
Social Studies: We have been learning about timelines and now students will get to create their own personal timeline, based on the events they choose on their homework sheet. 
Science: Continuing natural/ man-made resources and starting to learn about weather. (Great topic for all the different weather we have experienced here lately!)
Additional Info: We will be collecting Pennies for Patients all next week  & the winning class will receive a class party! Box's for students to collect their coins in went home yesterday. 
Crazy hair day will be Friday, Jan. 26th. Can't wait to see what awesome hairstyles come in!
Have a nice weekend everyone! 

Spring Semester

Welcome to the spring semester! I hope everyone had a wonderful and restful holiday break. I have enjoyed getting to see the students again this week and hearing all about the exciting things that happened over the break. 
Here are some updates for next week:
MONDAY: No school
TUESDAY: Author visit for the kids! 
THURSDAY: Library make up time (since we are out of school on Monday)
FRIDAY: Spelling test over lesson 1 & Scholastic book orders due. 
Thank you for continuing to have students practicing their reading at home. As they move into these higher levels they will require practice with comprehension to make sure they are understanding what they are reading. A great idea would be to ask students questions about what is happening in their book. I will be sending home a January book order Tuesday for anyone interested in ordering some new books. Or feel free to order online using our class code: R7GTD 
Have a wonderful weekend! 

Party Day!

It's time to party! After a semester of working hard, I cannot wait to spend some time celebrating the holidays with the students. 
Reminder: Our party will be today from 11:45-12:30. All parents need to sign in on the classroom sign in sheet. Only sign out on the sheet if you are taking your student with you. Don't forget to get the exit ticket from me before you leave! 
Parents, THANK YOU for being such a huge support in your child's learning. I look forward to a great Spring semester. 
Have a wonderful holiday break! 

First semester coming to an end!

I can't believe we are already wrapping up our first semester! Next week we have a few wonderful events coming up to get into the holiday spirit!
Thursday- Polar Express Day!
We will participate in Polar Express activities throughout the day and watch the movie while enjoying some nice hot coco! Below is a sign up genius for some needed items. Oh, and don't forget to wear your PJ's!
Friday- Sing along & Part day!
We will have a fun sing along in the morning while the classroom gets set up for our party. Everyone is invited to attend our party from 11:45-12:30. Parents that attend will need to sign in and out on our sign up in the classroom. Also, if checking your child out afterwards, make sure to get the ticket out from me before leaving the classroom! 
**Next week we will not have a spelling test. 

Snowy Friday

What a beautiful white morning we had today! I enjoyed seeing and hearing all the stories the students had with getting to experience the snow.
Here are a few upcoming updates!
Fundraiser pick up: If you did not pick up yesterday, please come by and pick up today. 
Book Order: Students brought home book order forms on Tuesday. This is a great opportunity to get some new reading material for the upcoming holiday break! I will submit the order Monday afternoon. If students would like to order they need to bring their order form with payment Monday morning OR if you would like to shop online please use our class code: R7GTD  and have your order submitted by Monday morning. 
Here is the link to order online:
Thursday- Students will take their math test covering addition and subtraction with regrouping. (borrowing and carrying numbers) 
Friday- Students will take their spelling test over lesson 8. This will be our last spelling test for the 9 weeks. 
Have a wonderful and WARM weekend!

Thankful for YOU!

It is hard to believe Thanksgiving is nearly here; as this year continues to fly by. I want to start by saying thank you parents for helping make this year so great. As we have been talking about our energy bus rule #4, loving your passengers, we have spent time talking about how special everyone is and how we should appreciate everyone's differences. Every student brings something special and unique to our classroom and I am SO THANKFUL that I am getting the opportunity to be their teacher this year. 
Just a few updates for when we return:
Spelling will be Lesson 6
If students were absent on picture day the retakes are scheduled for Thursday, November 30th. 
I will be reading with each student to assess their reading levels. Please practice over break! Also, I am getting a few students telling me they are not supposed to be bring their book bags home because they are too heavy. If you already have books at home and do not want students bringing their bags home I understand, but please send me a quick email so I'm aware. 
We will take an assessment over magnets.
In math we have been working on addition with regrouping (carrying numbers over). This would be a great skill to practice at home by simply writing out problems for students to solve. (Example: 53+18=) 
Have a wonderful & restful Thanksgiving!


I cannot believe it's already almost Thanksgiving! This year seems to be flying by so quickly! 
All next week we are having our food drive here at Wildwood! 2nd grade is in charge of collecting canned fruits and veggies. 
Here is a break down of what is happening in class next week:
Unit 4 social studies test. We have been talking about goods and services and all about the economy. 
Kindness Salad! 
I am so excited about this activity we will be doing to tie into Thanksgiving and our Energy Bus Rule #4- Loving your passengers. Together in class we will be mixing together a kindness salad (each ingredient representing a way to spread kindness). 
If you would like to help out with purchasing some items needed for this I have included a sign up genius. Thank you!
Also, on Thursday we will begin our reading assessment over non-fiction books. Students will have time to complete this assessment on Friday.
Spelling test over lesson 5. 
I am adding a few practices under the math section for anyone that would like some extra practice at home. 
Have a great weekend!

THIS week's updates

Hi wonderful parents!
I apologize this is update is later than usual.
Only a few things going on this week - Students will take the math Unit test on Thursday on adding and subtracting numbers. Our spelling test on Friday will be over lesson 4. 
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is getting a good start to the week! 

Reminders & Updates

Hello wildcats! 
Reminder - tonight is Trunk or Treat! We will be in the front parking lot from 5:30pm-7:00pm. Don't forget to wear your costume! 
Also, if you still need to complete the pumpkin book report, please bring that in Monday. Feel free to use a real or fake pumpkin, apple or anything else you have available. 
Next week:
Fundraiser money due Tuesday! (10-31-2017) 
Second Grade Showcase Thursday (11-2-2017) from 6:00pm-7:00pm 
Students will take spelling test lesson 3 & Math CBA test on Friday. 
Scholastic Book Order:
Here is a great opportunity to get some books for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday. I will send home the order form on Monday and the form with the money will be due by Thursday if students want to order. Also, you can order online using our class-code R7GTD . If you order online please have it in by Thursday morning so I can submit the full order Thursday afternoon. The books will be delivered to the school and I will pass them out to the students. It usually takes a week for orders to arrive. 
Have a great weekend!

Week of Oct. 23rd

Wow! October always seems to be such a busy month. Thanks so much parents for your continued support and help with everything! I appreciate YOU!
Next week: 
Pumpkin Book Report is due by Friday the 27th. The flyer for this came home in Wednesday Folders. I have uploaded another copy of this if you need it. 
Monday- Wear Red
Tuesday- Wear a Lei or Hawaiian Shirt
Wednesday- Wear Crazy Socks
Thursday- Wear a Tutu or a Tie
Friday- Wear a hat
Friday from 5:30pm-7:00pm
Wear your costume! 
Wednesday- Unit 3 Science test over Sates of matter and their changes
Friday- Lesson 2 Spelling test 
I think this is it for now! Have a wonderful weekend.