Weekly Update

I can’t believe we are heading into the first week of March! That means we have a little over 13 weeks left to prepare for first grade. The students are learning so much and applying their strategies each day. I am so proud of all of their hard work. I am reminding them that even though this is the most exciting time of the year, it is also the most important. We are continuing to learn new things and work hard every day.  

Word Work: We are continuing to practice blending phonemes by isolating the sounds and combining them to say a word. Examples: “c-a-t”, “m-u-g”, “sh-u-t”, etc.

We are also practicing decoding (sounding out) CVC words (simple three letter consonant, vowel, consonant words), Examples: dog, tub, cap, net, pig

We will also begin discussing segmenting words into sounds. This is basically saying a simple word, and you child breaking it down and saying the sounds. Example: You say “top” and they say “t-o-p”.

Here are the sight words they should be able to identify in two seconds or less for the 3rd Nine Weeks in addition to the first 24 from the 1st & 2nd nine weeks:

we  me  was  his  on  they  he  she  with  so  up  am

Reading: Students will continue to study fairy tales. We will discuss characters, setting, plot, order of events, problem, and solution throughout fairy tales and other texts.

During independent reading, students will focus on sounding out unknown words without giving up and slowing down to make fewer mistakes. Students should practice re-reading any sentence where mistakes were made.

Parents, remember, "real reading" is not just reading the book without mistakes but it's also comprehension of what has been read. Be sure to ask your children about books they are reading by themselves or books being read to them. 

Writing: Students will continue writing personal narratives. They will practice stretching words to make them easier to read, starting sentences with a capital letter and ending sentences with a punctuation mark and using spaces between words. Students are writing to tell what happened first, next, then, and last in their stories. 

Math: Students will begin analyzing and graphing data while drawing conclusions from the graph. We have been discussing the vocabulary terms more and fewer and greater than and less than. 

At home, students could practice drawing or writing the number that is 1 more, 2 more, 1 greater, 2 greater, 1 fewer, 2 fewer, 1 less, 2 less than a given number. Example: You say, “What number is 2 more than 3?” “What number is 2 fewer than 5?” "What number is 1 more than 12 or 1 less than 15. I have been reiterating that more means bigger or great than and fewer means smaller or less than.  

Science/SS: This week we will celebrate Dr. Seuss' life. His birthday is Friday. Students will get to hear many Dr. Seuss books and complete fun Dr. Seuss activities.


*Friday, March 2 Dr. Suess' Birthday

*Friday, March 9 Field Day

*March 12-16 Spring Break

*Tuesday, March 27 Spring Picture Day

*Thursday, March 29 Fun Run

Friday, March 30 Good Friday/No School

* Take Home Readers (purple folder)- Please read them at home daily but keep the books inside the purple folder and inside your child's backpack daily so we can read them again in groups. 

Please have your child read each book at least three times with you during the week. He/She should independently use all reading strategies to decode tricky or unfamiliar words. Comprehension can be practiced by asking them questions about the text once they have finished reading. You the list of questions provided if needed.