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3rd Grade | Wildwood Elementary School | Tomball ISD

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Great Happens Here!

I look forward to this year with great hope and excitement; it is my 14th year of teaching and my 2nd year at Wildwood Elementary. I have both a BS in Public Health Education from Baylor University and a MS.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Houston.  I have taught every grade in elementary school at some point in my career.  I have had significant training with Gifted and Talented students and English as Second Language students.  I have also worked in healthcare before making the change to the Education Industry.  I love both. My mission in life is to care for all of those within my reach.  I try to do so, patiently and honestly, while finding ways to help others create their own directions and passions.

My husband of twenty-two years, Harold, and I enjoy watching our two boys play soccer. I am a proud soccer mom. We also have a black Shih Tzu, named Sparky.  She loves to sit with me in the evenings.

I look forward to getting to know the students in my class and I know that 2017-2018 will be a wonderful school year!!!   I will be blessed to be part of their learning journey.  I also look forward to working with the parents to build the children up.

  • I also send out text messages to remind parents of important events or other important class news.  I keep the text messages down to a minimum.  If you'd like to subscribe, please follow the link- rmd.at/da788c math.
  • Parent Teacher Conferences - Starting the first week in September, if you would like to meet with me about specifics about your child, I am available Mondays from 10- 10:30 or we can work out another time.  Please email me to schedule an appointment.

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FASTT Math is ready to be used at home.  Students have log in information in their planner on the very back page. 
Use the following link:  (bookmark this link on your computer)
The program will stop them when they have completed two lessons in a day. So if it does not let them work at home, ask your child if they worked on it at school that day.  Students do not get on FASTT Math at school everyday at this time. 
Thank you for your support!  


  • Your child brought home a Science Notebook.  We have a test tomorrow.  By having your child discuss with you what is on each page of the Matter Unit, they will have completed a great review for their test.  Notebook must come back to school on Thursday.  They are very important part of our learning. Thank you!
  • Parent Orientation Night is tomorrow night, Thursday, October 29th from 5:15-6:30PM. This is a great opportunity for you to understand what is going on in your child’s classrooms, what our expectations are for them and to ask any questions you may have. Mrs. Nelson and I hope to see you there!
  • Wednesday folders are going home today. Please make sure to check your child’s folder because there are two forms that need to be filled out and turned back into your child's homeroom teacher for our upcoming field trip.
  • Math homework is due every Wednesday and Spelling homework is due every Friday
  • We will be discussing Rule #1: Create a Positive Vision from the Energy Bus on Friday. 

Place Value at Home Activities

  1. Look for real-world examples of large numbers, such as video game scores, car prices, and electronic prices.  Have your child name the digit in each place and tell you its value.
  2. Write digits 0-9 and a comma on 11 different index cards or sticky notes.  Call a number less than 100,000.  Have your child arrange the cards to display the number. Then read the number in expanded form.  For example, the number 27,804 would be read as 20,000+7,000+800+4.
  3. Play Place Value Puzzler - Fun Brain
  4. Call a number and have your child name 3 numbers that are greater/less than the number called.
  5. Roll 3,4,5 dice and have your child make the largest or smallest number possible.

Parent Orientation September 6th

 Parent Orientation on Sept 6th from 5:15pm - 6:45pm.  I would love to see you there.  It will be a chance for parents to learn about what the students will be doing in 3rd grade. 

Today students are bringing home their Science Notebook. I have asked them to decorate it and make it their own. They should be covering it with science related pictures that can be cut out from magazines, drawn by hand, or printed from the internet. They also should incorporate their name in large recognizable print on the cover. I have some pictures to help on my webpage. The book needs to return to school on Monday. I was hoping that having it over the weekend will give you plenty of time for this project with your child.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. We are off to a great start!!

STAAR Test Monday and Tuesday


As you know we are taking the Math and Reading STAAR tests today, May 8th (Math) and Tuesday, May 9th (Reading). We have been preparing the students as best we can for the test and know that they will do their best! Just a few reminders of ways to help your child to prepare:

- Make sure that they get a good night's sleep

- Eat a good breakfast

- Keep your routines normal

- Arrive to school on time

Keep ALL electronics at home: watches, phones, etc. will be taken up by the teacher each morning and stored away during the test if they are brought to school

Encourage them to play outside and release extra energy throughout the weekend and on Monday/Tuesday afternoons

We are so thankful for your support of us this year, and know that we will finish out the year in a great way!

Just a Reminder!!!
Students have access to online math programs - FASTT Math and Think Through Math at home.  Log in information is in their planner.  
  • Students should have almost completed 30 lessons on Think through Math at this time.  
  • Students should know ALL of their addition, subtraction and multiplication math facts by now.  
This is extremely important to their success on ALL tests at this point.  

Fractions Review

We are ready for the Unit test on Friday for Fractions.  I have attached a review that students can work on.  If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


We are working in class with a program called FASTT Math.  It is a research based online program that helps students practice their math facts.  Students in my class have learned how to log on and have their ID's and passwords in their planners. 
This is great practice at home and will help the students get ahead in class.  The link is below.  The program is open for students to work on between 8am - 9pm. 

Unit 5 Division Review

These are questions a student can review for the test on Friday.  The primary reason I have seen that students miss questions is because they are not reading carefully enough and slowing down during the test.  If you are working with your child, please have them read aloud the questions even if it is just to themselves.  READING is a key component of the math tests. 

Today, Twinkle & Sparkle (our classroom elves) brought back a special surprise from the North Pole. This surprise is a certificate for the students to share with their families to celebrate the hard work they have done in school so far. 


The certificate rewards the Awesome Achievement student with one BJ’s Kid's Meal. No purchase necessary. Upon dining at the restaurant, the student will receive a visit from the manager who will sign the certificate, congratulate the student and give him or her a collectible, custom-made Awesome Achievement pin.

Have a wonderful break from school and enjoy some family time!

Early Release Lunch Choice

 Please complete on or before Dec. 2nd.

Friday, Dec. 16th, is an early release day. The entire school will be on a modified schedule as we will dismiss at 12:50. Early release days impact our lunch schedule. The school will not serve a hot lunch, and students will not be eating in the cafeteria.  Therefore, we encourage everyone to pack a sack lunch on this day. However, if you are unable to pack a lunch for your child, your child can purchase a school sack lunch. If purchasing a sack lunch, the sack lunch is cheese sticks with marinara sauce with milk, apples, and a choice of raisins or carrots. Please email me and indicate your child’s lunch plan for Dec. 2. This information will help our cafeteria staff plan the number of  sack lunches to prepare. 

I have included a link to complete the form online:     https://goo.gl/forms/O9UNnIpnuJ0tCjTY2

Thank you!  For all you do to support your child in the classroom!!