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Welcome to Wildwood! I’m so excited to be your child’s teacher this year. We have lots of fun things in store for 2nd grade.
I graduated from Le Tourneau University, and am certified to teach PK-6th grade. I also have certifications for GT and ESL students. I have been teaching for 10+ years and have experience in Pre-K through 4th grade.
I have been in Tomball ISD 4 years and have enjoyed being in a smaller town with my family. We have really enjoyed the exciting things to do and see here in Tomball. I’m married to my college sweetheart, Michael and we have two daughters, Mackenzie (18) and Molly (14). 
I’m so thankful to be a part of your child’s education and look forward to working together throughout this year!
If you're looking for information about Wildcat Cares Club go to my pages under Wildcat Cares Club.


Recent Posts

This week 2/20-23

Good afternoon,
I hope you all enjoyed a nice 4 day weekend! We were right back to work today at school, the students were working very hard on all of the new concepts coming their way!
School dates this week is Go Texan Day on Friday 2/23. Students are encouraged to dress in their cowboy gear that day, please send tennis shoes if students wear boots.
This week in class:
Reading - We're continuing to work in series books, this week we're focusing on character traits.
Writing - We're working on writing a persuasive writing, today we started on writing our introduction, we'll continue to write each paragraph throughout this week.
Spelling this week is review words that are commonly misspelled by students, please review these words and try a new way of studying if your child is getting bored with the old ways you've been studying.
Math - We're continuing to talk about telling time on clocks as well as measuring using non-standard units.
Math Facts test: We are sending home the exact test the students will take on Mondays for you to practice with your child at home throughout the week, then we will take the test on Friday for a grade. Please use the number sentences on the page, do flashcards, games, etc. to practice and learn those facts!
Science - We are continuing to talk about objects in the sky this week, thanks so much for the Oreo cookie donations, they were a great and tasty way to show moon phases. 
Social Studies- We are working on biographies and will begin a research project this week!
Thanks so much for your support at home, I definitely appreciate it. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Mary David

This week 2/5-2/9

Good afternoon,
I hope you all enjoyed a great weekend and had a fun Superbowl night! I think we've all woken up at this point, some people were dragging this morning for sure :).
Upcoming School Events:
This Thursday, 2/8 is our Spring Creek spirit night from 5-8. I will be there at 7:30-8:00 serving rolls!
Friday, 2/9 is Career Day this is a fun day for students to enjoy learning about different careers throughout the day. Your child is also welcome to dress up like what they want to be when they grow up.
Next Wednesday, 2/14 is Valentine's Day and we will have our class party. Shannon Hair sent out a Signup Genius for items that we need for our class party. You are welcome to join us for the party if you're available, we will exchange Valentine cards as a class, plan to send cards for all 23 students.
We will create a bag in class that day, you are welcome to send items to decorate with such as stickers, paper, etc. that day!
Next Friday, 2/16 and Monday, 2/19 are student holidays!
In Class:
**MATH FACTS** I've noticed a steady decline in students grade for the Math Fact quizzes. I will be sending home your child's FASTT Math Username/Password - I highly encourage your child get on this program daily to practice this skill!
Reading - We've wrapped up our Poetry Unit and will begin a unit to dig deeper into comprehension using Series books, we will discuss picking a series to read and why a series can be a fun way to read.
Writing - We will begin working on persuasive writing in class this week, this is always a fun unit for students!
Math - We are wrapping up our unit on 3 digit addition/subtraction this week with a unit test on THURSDAY, 2/8. We checked the homework from last week and sent it back in the blue folders so that students could use as a study tool. This test has lots of word problems, those types of problems would be best to review with as well as the adding and subtracting, especially with regrouping!
Science - Students will begin a unit learning about the moon and stars.
Social Studies - Students will continue learning about historical people through biographies. 
As always, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me!

This week 1/29-2/2

Good morning,
We made it through a whole week of school, and now it's almost February!
There are a few school-wide things going on in the next few weeks to be aware of:
Career Day will be on Friday, February 9th. This is an opportunity for students learn about lots of different careers. The students are also welcome to dress up as what they want to be when they grow up.
Valentine's Day party will be on Valentine's Day, Wednesday, 2/14 at 2:40-3:25. Parents are invited to attend the party. We are asking students to bring Valentines cards for the entire class, we have 23 students! 
We will decorate boxes/bags at school. Please send your child with their box or bag and the items they want to decorate it with that Wednesday!
Student Holidays will be Friday, February 15th and Monday February 19th.
Here's what we're working on in class:
Reading, we're wrapping up our poetry unit this week. We've been focusing on rhythm, rhyme, repetition, stanzas, and mood with lots of different poems in class. We will take a test on the skills they've learned with poetry on Friday.
Writing, we are also wrapping up out poetry unit. The students have been composing their own poetry over the past week and will create one final product to turn in for a grade at the end of the week. We will have our writer's celebration on Friday celebrating all they learned about poetry.
Math, we are continuing with adding/subtracting 3 digit numbers and are also working on adding word problems to solve with. We sent home a review this week for homework that is very similar to questions that will be seen on the math assessment. *The second grade teachers and I have decided to push back our test to next Thursday, 2/8. Please go over the review sheet with your child, send it in on this Friday and we'll send it back for you to keep working on. The test is very heavy on word problems!
Science we are discussing water cycle, weather and weather tools right now We are working on several activities in this unit.
Social Studies we just began our unit on biographies. This week we will be learning about Susan B. Anthony, George Washington Carver, Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart and Jackie Robinson.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me!
Mary David

This week 1/22-1/26

Good afternoon,
We're officially beginning our first week of the second semester! Hopefully we make it all the way through the week :).
We have a few school-wide things going on:
Pennies for Patients
I thought it would be fun for us to focus on a different coin each day in our collection efforts, so here's the line up for the coins. I'm also hoping to teach a little history about each of the coins on the day we're collecting it.
Tuesday - pennies
Wednesday - nickels
Thursday - dimes
Friday - quarters
This week we are back to our regular schedule for homework. I sent home the homework sheet and a math sheet for practice. The students received their spelling words and a new menu of activities to do for spelling during the week.
As a reminder, just one spelling activity and the math sheet is due on Fridays.
This week we sent home a little baggie for students to bring a small item back to school for our poetry unit, this is optional, but fun for the kids to write about something that they like from home.
The One and I Only Ivan is our Tomball Reads One book for the year, we are reading this book in class and keeping the book here at school until we've completed our reading. Once we finish the book, it will be sent home for the students to keep!
Crazy hair day - Students are invited to have crazy hair day on this Friday, 1/26 to celebrate earning more than $20,000 for our school fundraiser!
Reading we're still working on poetry, our focus is rhyme, rhythm, repetition, identifying how many stanzas, and the mood of the poem. We've looked at lots of different poems already and the students are getting the hang of the work!
Writing we're also still working on poetry, we've gone through several lessons about choosing something that you are connected to when you write poetry and using strong feelings/emotions. The home item will help with this!
Math we've started on 3 digit addition with and without regrouping. The students really seem to have the hang of it, we're still practicing a lot in class and will move to subtraction this week!
Social Studies we will begin working on the personal timelines of our lives using the document you completed last week tomorrow, if you didn't send it in today, please send it with your child tomorrow!
That should be all for this week! Have a great week, as always if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!
Mary David 

This week 1/18-1/19

Welcome back again!
I hope that you are all well after our freezing weather. The students all seemed happy to be back to school today!
Here are a few things for this week:
Social Studies project - your student was given a Timeline sheet in their Wednesday folder last week, this form is due tomorrow. I had several students bring it in today, thank you! I'm attaching the form for you if it has been misplaced.
Report cards - Students are bringing home their report cards today in their blue folders. The report card jacket should be signed, you keep the rest. Inside the envelope is an updated reading level for your child and the grade they earned based on the district's criteria for the 2nd nine weeks.
Homework/Spelling - we will NOT have a spelling test this week, nor is any homework due tomorrow. The students received their spelling list today and a new spelling menu. We will skip this week and start with Lesson 2 next week. Our first test will be Friday, 1/26. The homework sheet and math sheet will go home with your child on Monday.
Pennies for Patients - the students brought home information about Pennies for Patients today as well. This is an organization that provides research and assistance to children affected by cancer. We will be collecting coins (and dollar bills) from now until Friday, January 26th. You are free to send your child with money anytime, we have a classroom collection box that we will use for our class.
Check out this video that we shared with the students today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PluE1SoNmw&feature=youtu.be
Winter gear - please be sure to send your child with a jacket, gloves, hat, etc. when the temperatures are cold. We do plan to go out for recess each day unless the temperatures are severely cold or it is raining. Labeling your child's items is also very helpful if it gets lost while at school.

This week 1/10-1/12

Welcome Back!! I hope you and your family enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and New Year and the
break was restful for you and your family.
Thank you also for all of the wonderful gifts you gave me for Christmas, I was very blessed by
all that you gave me! Thank you so much for your generosity.
We are getting back in the swing of things here at school and ready to welcome the students back to
school tomorrow.
School-wide reminders:
* This Friday, 1/12 we will have the celebrations for the fundraiser winners based on items sold. The
events are video game party and Mad Science Party. Below are the list of students who earned the
parties, please let me know if your child should be on this list asap so that we can make corrections
before Friday.
Video Game Party: Valerie, Payten
Attachments: None
Mad Science Party: Caleb, Ethan, Ryleigh, Hanna, Riley, Payten, Madison, Valerie, Kaden
* This Monday, 1/15 will be a Student Holiday in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.
We will jump right in with learning tomorrow, here's our plan for the rest of the week:
Reading - Students will be introduced to reading poetry this week using a variety of ways that poems
can be used in the world today.
Writing - Students will be introduced to writing poems using alliteration, rhyming words, and feelings
used in poetry.
Math - We will review 2 digit addition and subtraction and the strategies we use to solve problems.
Next week we move into 3 digit addition/subtraction!
Science - Natural Resources vs. Man Made Resources
Social Studies - Timelines **an assignment will be sent home in Wednesday folders, this will be used
in class but we need some dates and events for your child's life with your help**
As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me!
Mary David

This week 12/18-12/22

Good afternoon Parents,
This week is filled with lots of fun activities for your students at school, here's our schedule below.
Thursday, 12/21 Polar Express Day/Pajama Day
Students are invited to wear their pajamas to school on Thursday. They are welcome to wear slippers in the classroom, but will need tennis shoes for recess and PE.  We will watch the Polar Express movie in our classroom on Thursday afternoon after recess and will have some fun activities throughout the day as well. If you signed up for an item for this event, please send it in with your child by Wednesday if you haven't sent it in yet.
Friday, 12/22 Holiday party/ Half day
We will have our class holiday party on Friday at 11:45. Mrs. Hair has done a great job coordinating our party and we've received many of the items needed already. If you signed up for an item, please send it by Thursday so we'll have everything ready to go!
If you have questions regarding the party, please feel to reach out to Mrs. Hair at shannonh0416@gmail.com.
We will have lunch that day around 10:30, we have pre-ordered lunches based on the request sent out a few weeks ago in Wednesday folders. If your child is not buying a lunch, please send an easy lunch that they can eat since we will be sitting in the pod areas.
We are enjoying some fun activities this week, and learning all about Holidays around the World with different 2nd grade teachers, this has been a fun way for students to learn lots of new things about a country and they are coming up with a representation of each country as well. Ask them what they've learned about this week!
Thank you so much for a great first semester, I look forward to a relaxing holiday break and we will return back to school on January 10th!

This week 12/11-12/15

Good afternoon,
This week we are wrapping up several units in subjects and will have a few assessments at the end of the week.
School-wide events:
Marco's pizza spirit night is Thursday. You can call anytime during the day and mention Wildwood and we will receive a percentage of the sales.
Polar Express day is NEXT Thursday, 12/21. We will watch the movie as a class, thank you for those of you who signed up to bring items! You can send them in anytime between now and next Thursday.
Our Holiday party is Friday, 12/22. We will have our class party at 11:45 and you are welcome to join us. If you have questions about the party or sign up, our homeroom parent Shannon Hair is hosting and is happy to help, you can reach her at shannonh0416@gmail.com
We are continuing to talk about traditional literature this week, and have moved on to Tall Tales. We have discussed Paul Bunyan and Pecos Bill so far. Here's a good resource for some folktales you can check out at home: https://www.whatdowedoallday.com/american-folktales-and-tall-tales-for-kids/
We are starting our second fictional story, the students have done very well with their writing and seem to enjoy this style of writing!
We are wrapping up our unit of 2 digit addition with regrouping this week and will take our assessment on the skill on Thursday. Most of the test is word problems, so that will be your best way to practice. I will send a link of practice problems for you to use.
We are wrapping up our unit on Energy, focusing on heat, light and sound energy.
Social Studies:
We are still working through our Holidays around the World Unit. The students have really enjoyed learning about continents and countries and their holidays.
If you have any questions or concerns about anything, please feel free to reach out to me.
Mary David

This week 11/27-12/1

Good evening!
I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving break. We are back in full swing here at school with just a short of amount of time before our next break!
Here are some things we're working on the next few weeks:
We've begun to look at different genres of literature. We're starting with Fables this week. Ask your child if they can tell you some things that fables include. Here's some hints for you, usually includes an animal acting like a human, problem/solution, moral/lesson, villan.
Aesop's fables is a great resource to include in your reading at home if you'd like too. Here's a link to some online fables: http://read.gov/aesop/001.html
We are beginning a fictional writing piece where we take a story that really happened and change it by having animals as the characters rather than people. We began today with brainstorming stories using emotions, scared, happy, and frustrated.
We're continuing with addition/subtraction and have moved into regrouping, aka borrowing for people who went to school in the 80's and 90's. This is a trickier concept, but they are starting to get the hang of it. Practice at home is greatly appreciated!
Tomorrow we will have a short quiz over magnets, we've done several experiments in class and the students have done very well with everything! Our next unit is talking about energy!
Social Studies
We are doing a Holidays Around the World Unit from now until our winter break. We are focusing on the 7 continents and how a country from each of the continents celebrate. Ask your child to sing you the "Continents Song"
We will have lots of things coming up over the next few weeks, I'll be sure to send reminders as we get closer to important dates!

This week 11/13-17

Sorry for the delay in getting out this week's email. I hope your week is off to a great start!
A few reminders for the week:
Thanks to all of you who have already sent in items for our Friendship snack, if you signed up for an item, you can send it in any time between now and Thursday.
We have a school-wide food drive happening this week and 2nd graders are bringing in canned fruits and vegetables. Thanks for bringing in donations to support those less fortunate.
We have a special event sponsored by the counselors in our district, Parenting with Love and Logic on December 5th at 6-8 p.m. at Tomball Memorial High School auditorium.
Here's what we're working on this week in class:
Social Studies - We're wrapping up our unit of Economy this week and will have an assessment tomorrow. We've been working and reviewing in class! A few things you can ask your students about at home are: goods/services, producers/consumers, natural resources/capital resources, what does trade look like, needs/wants?
Science - We're continuing to work on magnets. We had a fun experiment on Friday using magnets and will do a few more this week!
Reading - We've begun talking about inference using our non-fiction books. We have identified inference as taking what you know, plus what the book says and making an inference. I encourage you to do this with take home readers this week!
Writing - We're wrapping up our Expository writing this week by adding a text feature to their writing. We will complete the final product and have an Author's celebration at the end of the week.
Math - Students are being introduced to addition with regrouping this week! That means that the ones place sum is greater than 9 so we have to trade in 10 units for 1 rod. We're working very heavily with place value blocks this week on the concept. We talked as a group yesterday about some alternatives that you can use at home to practice with; legos, cut up paper, paper clips/cheerios, etc. Whatever you can practice with will be great!
Thanks so much for your support! Have a great week.
Mary David

Reading Assessment paper in Wednesday folder

Today in your child's Wednesday folder they brought home a yellow sheet of paper that has their 1st nine week's reading level as well as the grade they received in the 1st nine week's for their reading level. I also wrote their most recent reading level based on their reading level at the end of October. 
I will complete another reading level assessment with your child at the end of November and that level is what I will use to determine their Independent Reading level grade for the 2nd nine weeks. 
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this.
Mary David