Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get in touch with Mrs. Greenberg?

The quickest and best way is email. (kelliegreenberg@tomballisd.net)
You can also put a note in your child's daily folder. If it is about an attendance issue,
a note must be written on a loose leaf paper excusing your
child's absence.  Please send this in your child's daily folder.
Is there homework in second grade?

Students are encouraged 
to practice sight words from district list and
read every night. (homework is not graded)
Math addition and subtraction facts should also be practiced at home.
If your child is struggling on a particular concept,
I frequently will send home individual homework
in their daily folder in the front pocket.
What if my child is absent?

Please send a written, signed note with your child upon
return to school in the red communication folder.  Emails
will not be accepted.
Most of the work we do in class is taught through group
instruction and guided activities, which makes it difficult
to make up class work. We will send work home to make up when
possible or if needed. We strongly encourage students to have faithful
attendance because when students miss school, they miss valuable
learning time.
How do I notify the school for a transportation change
for my child to come home a different way than usual?
Please send in a written note, signed by you with the
date of the change in transportation in the red 
communication folder.  Emails cannot be accepted
for this purpose. 
How do I know if my child is misbehaving in school?

I will contact via email, or a phone call.  Your child
will receive a BLT for behavior grade if the problem is
recurring.  Please see the section of this website
called "Behavior Learning Targets".

Can I send in birthday treats?

Edible birthday treats are not allowed at school this year 
due to Covid-19.  Additionally, there will be no ice cream
served in the cafeteria this year.
Can my child bring in snacks?

Yes! Please send a healthy snack everyday.  
Your child may bring in small snacks to eat, as well as bottled
water. Please make sure the snacks are healthy and not too messy.
Please no yogurt or applesauce.  Popcorn, pretzels, baby carrots,
grapes, apple slices are all good snacks for school.
No snacks containing peanuts please.
Do you have holiday parties?

Our classroom volunteers plan 3 parties during the year.
If you are interested in assisting with these fun events, please
sign up to be a classroom volunteer.  Our homeroom parent
will be in touch with you regarding our parties.

When can my child use the restroom?

Students may take a restroom break anytime. The restroom
is right outside our classroom door!  We have
a hall pass for boys and girls so one boy and one girl may
go at a time.