Basic Classroom Information

Basic Classroom Information

 Pearson Math TextbookStudents can click CLASSES, find their e-texts, play games in the Game Center, access the Glossary and use Math Tools like counters, strip diagrams, base ten blocks, number lines, geometric shapes, pan balance, input-output machines, money, measuring cylinders, etc. 

1. Click the blue underlined link above OR go to our unique login site
2. Sign in using the student’s unique username and password provided. The naming 
convention is: 
a. Username: Tomball + [student id #] i.e. Tomball123456
b. Password: TISD + [student id#] + [First and last initial capitalized] i.e. TISD123456FL


Addition & Subtraction Fact Practice Games  (scroll down for the Math section)



A variety of mental math games for all ages

Fun Games organized by Math concepts


Fun games organized by math concepts.

Fun Reading activities in varying levels

Fun Reading activities

Amazing way to practice spelling words or sight words.



Addicting, fun game to practice grammar!


Grammar Ninja

Number Line Battleship

Amazing at helping your kid understand word problems.  This

creates a visual for them and gets "rid of the noise" of the

problems.  When you know the total, it goes on top. The parts go

in the bar.  Great way for kids to differentiate between adding

and subtracting!



Daily Communication

Your child's Daily folder will be used for daily communication and will go home every day for you to review and sign.  This folder will include daily work, information about upcoming events - as well as being a source for you to send any necessary notes regarding transportation changes, lunch money, etc.  

It is important that the Daily folder be sent to school each day in your child's backpack!

Drinks in the Classroom:
Your child may bring a filled reusable water bottle to school each day in the outside pocket of their backpack.  Water only please!

Volunteering in the Classroom:
Please go to the TISD website for a background check before volunteering in our classroom.  We will have opportunities for volunteering in the classroom from time to time.  Our homeroom parent will also need help preparing for classroom parties.
Our homeroom parent will organize the volunteer schedule.