Behavior Learning Targets for our Classroom

Behavior Learning Targets

K-5 Elementary

    Competency 1: Demonstrate Respect for Others


-Respect school staff

-Comply immediately with adult requests without argument or complaint

-Treat others the way you want to be treated

-Refrain from laughing at others’ mistakes, using sarcasm, or put-downs

-Be honest with words and actions

-Work and play cooperatively

-Use school-appropriate language

Competency 2: Demonstrate Self-Control


-Keep hands, feet, and objects to self

-Speak or converse at permissible times

-Transition appropriately throughout the building

-Comply with hallway procedures

-Follow safety expectations

Competency 3: Demonstrate Readiness to Learn


-Complete and turn in assigned classwork on time

-Focus attention on teacher instruction, classroom lessons, and assigned work

-Exhibit organizational and time management skills

-Actively participates in class assignments or projects

-Remain in designated area

Competency 4: Demonstrate Responsibility


-Treat all property with care and respect

-Accept responsibility for own behavior

-Use technology responsibly

Levels of Mastery

(3) Proficient

“You got it!”

(2) Approaching

“Almost got it!”

(1) Needs support

“Not quite yet…”

Student has fully demonstrated proficiency and skill application of the outcomes for the particular target for this point in the school year.

Student has demonstrated partial proficiency of the expected skills. Partial development indicates progress with gaps in understanding or perhaps certain misconceptions.

Student has demonstrated little or no evidence of proficiency or outcomes; has large gaps in understanding or application and is able to show success only with significant adult assistance.