Library Procedures


Library Procedures


Hopefully this page will be able to answer questions you have about the WES Library. If you do not see an answer to your question, please feel free to email. 

1. When does my child come to the library? 

    Every class will come to the library each week

2. How many books can my child check out from the library at one time? 

    K – 1st – one book

    2nd-4th – two books

3. How long can my child keep the book they checked out?

    Students may check out their books for one week at a time.  If they are not

     finished after one week they may renew their book.

4. What kind of books can my child check out? 

    The WES library has a variety of Easy, Fiction, Nonfiction available. 

5. What happens if my child loses his/her book or they don’t bring it back on time?

    Students are encouraged to be responsible and take care of their library books.  If

   a book is lost the student will be responsible for paying for it.  There are no fines 

   for late returned books but the student will not be allowed to checkout another 

   book until the overdue book is returned.