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Our Spring Book Fair is April 23-27. Students will be given opportunities during the school day to shop, make wish lists, and purchase books. If you would like to shop with your child then we welcome you to come before school at 8:10 (or 7:30 on Thursday), after school at 4:00, or on Tuesday evening during Math Night. If coming after school, please be sure to send a note that your child will be a car rider that day.

April 23 - Monday
April 24 - Tuesday
8:10-3:30 and during Math Night 5:30-7:00
Come enjoy the activities and stop by the book fair to shop!
April 25 - Wednesday
April 26 - Thursday
7:30-4:30 Early morning day
April 27 - Friday
Book Fair closes at 10:00 a.m.
Thank you for supporting the book fair and for encouraging your child to read every day!