Weekly Update

Word Study:

This week, we reviewed all 12 sight words we have learned thus far. Next week, we will learn two new sight words: it and here.

Last week, we worked on handwriting letters Uu, Ww, Vv, Xx, Zz and Qq. We also learned their sounds. Please continue practicing handwriting and sounds. We have now learned all letters in the alphabet. We practiced making the letter and learned sounds. We have only introduced the "short" vowel sound for each vowel. We also have not yet discussed formally that some letter make more than one sound but we will get there.

*Remember to also continue practicing the sight words. The more they recite them, the quicker they will learn them and the sooner they will read. We are still working on rhyming words. This is challenging for many students. We are reminding them that rhyming words are words that have the same ending sound. Some students are hearing beginning sounds and thinking the words rhyme. This just takes more time and practice. :)

Writer’s Workshop:

This week we continued writing personal narratives and practiced the skill of "stretching" our words like a rubber band. This helps them hear the individual sounds in words. The students are remembering that our sketches tell a story and our words should match our sketches. We are also beginning to make our words into a sentence. This coming week, we will work on "zooming" in on one small moment rather than telling about their entire day. 

Reader's Workshop:

This past week, students practiced one-to-one correspondence in their books, reading from left to right, and top to bottom. This week, we will discuss new strategies for learning to read such as looking at the picture to help figure out the word (Eagle Eye), getting our lips ready to say the word (Lips the Fish), noticing patterns as they read (beginning level books are continuous patterns from one page to the next)


This week we introduced the numbers 6-10. We practiced writing the numbers, building the numbers, and showing it on a 10-frame. Next week, we are discussing 2-D and 3-D shapes again. We will practice classifying and sorting them using the different attributes such as shape, size, color, vertices, faces and edges.


This week, we discussed Columbus Day and the four seasons. This coming week, we will learn about bats, nocturnal animals versus diurnal, and other fun bat activities.  

Things to remember :

Library Days are on Tuesdays


On Monday, October 16, your child's Pumpkin Project is due. 

Picture Day is this Friday, October 20th  

Red Ribbon Week starts the week of October 23

*I really enjoyed meeting with all of you at our conferences.*