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Hi there! My name is Samantha Miller. This is my first year teaching 4th grade at Wildwood! Previously, I worked at Wildwood teaching 2nd grade and Willow Creek Elementary teaching first grade. I was lucky enough to earn A+ teacher in 2016 at Wildwood. I graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies in 2013. I am so lucky to have studied at Sam Houston with some of the most experienced professors in the field.  Upon graduation I was certified to teach ESL and GT students. Recently, I reenrolled at Sam Houston in an online reading masters program with a reading specialist certification. I'm almost finished and plan to graduate with my Masters of Education in Reading/Language Arts in May of 2018.

I have always loved children and held jobs that involved that passion. I have been a nanny, a tutor, a dance teacher, and preschool teacher. When I'm not teaching I enjoy traveling, watching sports and movies, listening to music, and spending time with my fiance, family, and friends.

On my endeavor, I have learned so much about schools, students, and myself. I hope to be the best teacher I can possibly be. My mission in life is to make a difference in a child's life, maybe one day it will be your child.

Contact information:
WES 4th Grade Teacher
(281) 357-3040 ext. 5474
samanthamiller@tomballisd.net (preferred communication method)
Edlio Teacher website: http://goo.gl/7A1Sxz

Recent Posts

32nd Day of School

"Today we had a shelter in place drill. We practiced strip diagrams in math. In science we did a foldable where we had vocabulary words." -5

Mixtures and Solutions

We have a science test on Friday over mixtures, solutions, and density. I have attached the powerpoint I used to introduce mixtures and solutions. In addition, students should be studying their science notebooks nightly. If for some reason they forget to bring them home check out my links page for some pictures of our class notes. =)
Happy studying!

25th Day of School

"Today in math we got the chromebooks and got on FASTT math to study our facts while playing games." -1


Good Morning!
I'm happy to announce that Pearson and FASTT Math are now officially up and running. Please see my links page for username and password information. In the past we have discovered the best way for families to reach the sites at home is to use the link from our websites. If you attempt to save the link yourself it doesn't always work. I'm not sure why it is finicky, but we are ENJOYING the RIDE and ROLLING with it. =)

23rd Day of School

"In math we studied decimals for our test. In science we described the difference between mixtures and solutions." -2

22nd Day of School (Friday)

"We ordered decimals today using pictures." -20
"We got our tests back and discussed the corrections." -21

20th Day of School

"In math we learned how to put decimals on number lines." -18
"In science we played 'Join Me' to review for our test tomorrow." -19

18th Day of School

"We went to the science lab and measured how much mass 5 different objects had." -17

14th Day of School

"We took our math test and checked our homework." -10
"We wrote science notes about the three states of matter and how they change." -14